Stephen has been involved in the fund raising for a Small Yorkshire based Charity The Safe Anchor Trust and in a moment of madness suggested that he would row to London … seems it is possible although the route is somewhat meandering….. not one to let grass grow he immediately went out and bought a rowing boat (which he is to have modified) with his own money. The final stages of the logistic nightmare are coming together it is envisaged that the trip will take about five weeks and will require a support team of 5. The Safe Achor Trust have a small working Barge that will accompany the oarsman … we are currently looking for sponsorship of any sort and in the fullness of time we will set up a web page for donations…. the main issue at the minute will be the cost of overnight accomodation … any national hotel network out there feeling generous?

Safe Anchor Trust based at the attractive Shepley Bridge Marina in Mirfield, the award winning Safe Anchor Trust is one of this area’s most popular water based charity projects, providing boat trips on the local canal and river network for the general public and those groups who are socially disadvantaged or those with health or mobility problems.

The organisation, established in 1995, operates a number of craft which are all adapted to cater for different client groups and carried in the region of 15,000 passengers last year.

Wooden Spoon is a children’s charity founded in 1983 that is dedicated to helping disadvantaged children and young people across the British Isles live happier, richer lives. They partner with the UK rugby community, receiving invaluable support for  activities and the opportunity to raise awareness of the work they do.

In doing so, they involve some of rugby’s top sporting role models in making a difference in the lives of young people in need. They comprise over 40 regional volunteer committees, a central national team and over 10,000 members. All regional committees undertake many local fundraising activities and only spend the money raised on projects in their local community. During the first 25 years, over half a million young people benefitted from more than £18 million of charitable support thanks to the efforts of their staff and volunteers. They are justifiably proud of their legacy, the work they do, and their ambitious plans for the future.



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  1. bradleytra says:

    Hi Stephen and Jennifer, I have linked to this blog and your donation page from our blog at http://www.bradleynews.org. Best wishes and good luck!

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