By Royal Appointment

Would you believe it Jennifer and I being presented to The Princess Royal and her Royal Highness being equally disbelieving that anyone in their right mind would row to London!

A bit of a chat ….

Well at least when dear Swan is put this coming Spring on ebay the poor thing will have some provenance, although I can’t remember if she actually touched it.

Anyhow a fitting tribute to Swan’s brave journey and to date peeps the total has teetered over the £7k mark. Thank you all for a great effort.

A thought for Lady Brenda she will be making the trip back up north commencing 14th October. Jennifer and I will be holidaying in the sun on that date but I may help to bring the old girl back – It’s only fair after all the stick I have given her!

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One Response to By Royal Appointment

  1. john hudson says:

    Fantastic guys re Royal presentation. Really well done and enjoy. Kind regards. John Hudson

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