Last Few Days


We have today and tomorrow Wednesday as we only have approximately 6 miles to on Thursday morning for the finish!

So today we had a relaxing late start and breakfast. We had a look at the finishing point just above Putney Bridge at the HSBC Rowing Club

Mooring up doesn’t look to be a problem. We only need to resolve where to leave Swan until I can trailer it away on Saturday afternoon, so we wondered down to the club house to see if anyone was about and indeed we met two chaps who had actually heard of us and our expected arrival, which was good news although they were not in charge but would confirm our visit with the main man Kash.

We will set off on Thursday morning from Brentford Marina around 9am and should be at the finish by 10.30.

So shopping, a visit to the launderette, and a Costa Coffee where the orders of the day.

Surprisingly  no ill effects from my exertions yesterday.


We behaved like tourists by going to Kew Gardens for the day and then on to Brentford Marina for the evening tide intending to put Swan out on the river and climb down the vertiginous ladder to the pontoon in the morning at our leisure. Steve who runs the marina thought it better that as the tide will have dropped significantly and the potential of vandalism to Swan, he would rise early on Thursday morning open the marina lock gates so that we could row out into Thames thus saving us the ladder decent of 20 plus feet but meaning we would have to be up at 5.45am to get to the marina no later than 8am. Oh well if that’s what we have to do we will.

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