No Room at the Inn!

Poor old Bryan & Stuart, not used to roughing it these two, one night on Brenda and they’d had enough of camping on a flat lilo. They came into town, well Wallingford, with us confident of finding a B&B or grand hotel, they weren’t bothered so long as they had a proper bed and a shower.

Sorry, said Wallingford only 2 hotels could be located at short notice and both were full. The poor chaps had to crawl back and ask Reg if they could stay another night.

its a long way from Huddersfield

Big thanks to the Town Clerk at Wallingford who reserved a mooring, with a proper notice, for Brenda overnight.

I have done some re-calculation and assuming the weather and wind are fair we could be tucked up in Brentford Lock by Tuesday the 18th. This does not mean, avid readers of the blog, that we will finish early. We will finish at Putney Bridge on the 20th as there are tides to consider and this gives me 2 days to hit Putney on an agreeable tide.

Today’s travel was 13 miles and 4 locks in agreeable conditions with the wind abaft the beam.

43 miles 204 locks

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