Wallingford and Beyond

Yesterday we completed 10 miles and four locks. 217miles 196 locks Today was another breezy day, but, thankfully it was abaft the beam and the 13 miles to Wallingford was completed by 4.00pm, having taken a good lunch at The Shillingdon Hotel. Glen Bates a good friend and ex work colleague happened to be in the area today and luckily chose a bridge to greet us as we were passing by.

Start of a gruelling day

The locks are a dream just row in sling a rope round a bollard, and down you go. We were coming out of a lock and straight under a road bridge . A wide beam boat was coming through the bridge with wife in the bow talking to husband by walkie talkie some 75 ft behind her. Jennifer commented on how civilised this was as it saved shouted instructions and misunderstandings. The owner began to moor up before the lock not realising the lock was open and ready for him to enter . His wife must have informed him, by walkie talkie. Suddenly there was a shout from the stern ” I can’t free the rope, the f*cking rope is stuck” “What is it dear?” says wife “I can’t free the f*cking rope” The raw human voice can convey so much more!

Local property!


The swans from Oxford onward are much more learned and can probably read that the name of our boat is Swan as they don’t bother us at all. One swam right up to the side of the boat whilst feeding and then moved on. 230 miles 200 locks

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