Happy Birthday!!!

We’re a day early! We arrived in Oxford yesterday well NNE of Oxford

Oxford antiquity

in Lower Wolverton. So today we rowed to Abingdon making us a day early. The wind was on the bow for the whole of the day and as all the locks on the Thames are operated by lock keepers you are in and out before you know it allowing no time for a cig or a cup of tea. We rowed furiously for 3 hours and still nearly six miles to go! After lunch we rowed furiously against the wind arriving in Abingdon at around 4.30, and, allegedly, only 9 miles done. I am going to check this for accuracy on the chart. Having moored up our good friends Trevor & Maggie were there with a birthday cake & candles ‘cos it is my 67th birthday.

Thank God You held back on the candles with all that Oil on the Loose!!

Jen takes on fluid for that morning after feeling……

We went out with them last night to an Italian Restaurant, good food but champagne, beer and wine took its toll first thing this morning. Back to Brenda the oil loss, now fixed. We decided enough was enough Brian used my brand new bilge pump to pump the emulsion into spare buckets. Of course any heads in engine compartments attracts an audience. We found Carl from Chicago 26,000 miles of sea voyaging, moored up 3 boats from us. Out with his equipment, stern gland tightened we were on our way. Brian then scooped nearly a gallon of oil emulsion into another bucket. So heroes both and we feel more in tune with nature. Emulsion tidily disposed of at the evening mooring point.

Looks like all that kayaking practice will come in handy for the white water section!!!

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