Thoughts from Aboard


Saturday 8th Sept. Forgot to mention yesterday Aaron the Engineer from R.C.L. Who not only fixed Brenda yesterday but are sponsors for this project. Thank you R C L. Today has been like a voyage in Africa so hot humid and the canal almost enveloped in reeds. At times we felt like Humphrey Bogart And Katherine Hepburn in African Queen . The sun on my back and the sweat was running down my face and dripping off my cig. As I was contemplating risking the leeches in the murky waters it occurred to me that such an action would get my cig papers wet and once one is damp the whole lot go! How did Bogart keep his cigs dry in that film? It was never explained. We should reach Oxford tomorrow and then onto the mighty Thames.

A well earned Beer ..getting to be a bit of a theme

The talk is from battered boaters coming up from Oxford of red/amber alerts, you’ll never make it, they turn you back but still charge you, is haunting my every waking moment. Did I tell you I have been diagnosed with narcolepsy. So we will see, the weather is the key. We have only132 miles to go. 200 miles 186 locks


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