A touch of frost? or maybe Sun!

Concerns are mounting for the sanity of our Rower as his missives have steadily changed from disjointed mono syllabic reports to the  one we got yesterday he has obviously had too much of something as he likens himself firstly to Humpty Gocart and then a Furniture maker (his neice got it from …. etc etc ) I leave it to you to decide ……..

Sunday 9th

We have had another glorious day down to the Thames! We are actually on the

A milestone ..or Millstone?

The weather over the last week or so has been so fabulous and of course
we have been travelling south. The sun has been generally been on my left side
and consequently the left side of my face is very brown my right side is
reasonably brown and because I am wearing a cap my forehead is pure white. Or
is it the following:- You will remember Shackletons ill-fated trip to the Antarctic
and his eventual landing on Georgia. The local populus were shocked that their
faces were completely black from burning blubber for food and heat. Perhaps my
face has turned this hue from the 200 miles behind Brendas’ stinking exhaust. We
have another change of crew today Pam & Steve have gone home with Bob Lloyd
and Reg, Brian Major and his brother-in-law have taken over.

Stephen and Trevor a lifelong friendship…

Bob & Chris
Appleby greeted us on arrival with my old friends Trevor & Maggie. 207
miles 192 locks

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