Tomorrow is a big day….

Its the day our valiant rower passes yet another milestone not his 200th lock or the 45th Game of Swans (not a wedge as they are on the water) but his birthday ..

Just another day at the Rowlocks

I am too polite to reveal his current age but suffice to say two years ago he retired with due pomp and ceremony on his 65th Birthday (a simple mathematical calculation will reveal all).

Steven began life as a baby and grew more or less up until his coming out at the Seacroft debutants ball in 1967 his style panache and general charisma have through out his life set him aside from other mere males his ability to whistle with two fingers the whole of the Paraguayan national anthem is legendary in Roberttown although the second stanza does stretch the ear drum a little.

As outline at the aforementioned retirement “do” he has had a number of jobs ranging from gardener in a nudist colony with specific responsibilty fo thistles to Rent Collector to Sales Director of a multi national racking company.

He has long had the ambition to row from Mirfield his current wifes (sorry Jen) spiritual home to London like a modern day waterbound Whittington and he hopes on the way the tow paths of England will be paved with gold ( Mainly mud in my experience..Ed) and more (thanks to everyone whos already donated whether via  … the plan was devised and set … or so it seemed until the week before departure when we began to realise where the holes were in the expedition …. still with a tarpaulin purchased from a well known two letter DIY chain and copious amounts of gaffer tape and a band of happy and skilled  (??????… Ed) helpers the course was set and the Lady Brenda and Swan with Stephen and Jennifer on board hit the waves with the harbour lights a shining and the wives the sons and lovers waving bon voyage.

The trials and tribulations are well documented in the previous Epistles from Stephen and these will continue. If you see him tomorrow wish him a happy birthday if you can’t get to see him please feel free to post a good will message on this blog those printable will be attached those not will be laughed at nodded sagely at and then forwarded to Stephen and Jennifer …

So happy Birthday from all of us in the Blog team including the Script writers the gaffer the photographers  the best boy and the producer not forgetting the Picture and Font Manager and last but not least the ever popular Colin Aspagta without whose in depth knowledge of Britains Canals and waterways locks and swan detering techniques

They don’t look that dangerous to me!!

neither the expedition or the blog would have been possible.

Have a great ^&th birthday Stephen hope the weather holds … its all down hill from now on apparently…… (sloping water? …… Ed)



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One Response to Tomorrow is a big day….

  1. Soo & Bob Milner says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Keep rowing! Best wishes from Soo & Robert xx

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