A bridge too far…. Never!!

Brenda mobile again!

I forgot to mention that Denise and Martin Bedford Trustees of The Duke of Edinburgh Awards at Shepley Marina came to greet us in Banbury. We had a good dinner and dined in pleasant company. Today greeted us with a beautiful morning which carried on all day without wind or swans. Even Brenda was repaired today (Archived Picture) and an electrical fault that had materialised was also rectified before it became a problem. Pam declared she had her greatest adrenalin rush ever today.

Bridge 195 – a little non-descript swing bridge which was open – Pam slowed down to go through the narrow gap Brenda was halfway through and suddenly stopped. She had become stuck on an underwater object. Rock, pull, push move all the weight to the bows, nothing would budge the barge. Finally we managed to haul her backwards out of the gap. Steve reversed Brenda well back from the bridge, like a horse that had failed a jump. Full throttle Pam, Steve and I all hanging off the starboard side racing yacht style she moved through the gap at approx. 2.5 mph hit the underwater object rode over it and away we went. Pam thinks it should be incorporated into Alton Towers!! 191 miles 181 locks

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