Log Inca Past

We arrived early today from our hotel as Steve had promised to make his famous al fresco breakfast for Pam. We wished we had accepted his invitation as our full English had been a little under cooked for my liking. Jen and I decided to go ahead as oil needed to be purchased and regular oil refilling needed to be actioned. The next flight of locks was approx. 3 miles away so we pressed on into a strong head wind, which lasted all day. We arrived at the next flight of 5 locks some 20 mins before Brenda.

A hearty breakfast

We were sat on the top of the hill taking the force of the breeze and became quite chilled. No good for a highly trained athlete. Brenda arrived at the head of a convoy of 4 or 5 boats and the first lock was in our favour and all the subsequent locks for the day worked out that Way making quick work of them. Still the miles had to be done another 10 miles to Banbury. Dear reader the villages in this area are picture postcard pretty in a warm brown stone and must be visited by all. 182 miles 175 locks

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One Response to Log Inca Past

  1. glenn says:

    How the devil are ya!

    Good to see your doing so well and Jen hasn’t thrown you in the water yet,or maybe she has and your too embarrassed to post that info.

    I have a call in Reading on Tuesday morning next week and then to Birmingham.Looking at your route it looks like you will be between Abington and Wallingford.If I get time I will try to visit to spur you on.

    Keep it up from Dawn and Glenn

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