Gnats Cap Oil

Weds blog … We started the day queuing to climb the 9 locks and by all accounts one of the locks is exceedingly narrow. Would Brenda fit in? Would we have to go back and down the Grand Union canal instead? By 12.30 we had negotiated the locks without a hitch. Because Brenda is still limping along using copious amounts of oil we decided to row ahead of her to our next destination of Fenny Compton. The sun was hot very little wind and though swans did come into view they were without cygnets and , therefore, of little threat.

Looks a bit Narrow

This afternoon was idyllic beautiful countryside and so peaceful without Brenda. Fenny Compton was reached after a hard afternoons rowing 9 miles in total. Sister Monica was waiting with a much needed pint. Reg & Tom polled up 20 mins later and said their goodbyes as a new crew of Pam & Steve were handed control. Still no positive news from RCL on the spare part needed to stop the oil leak. 173 miles 163 locks

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