Well met by moonlight and Swans

Brenda and Swan set off together this morning having arrived in Braunston at 9.00pm last night. Copious amounts of oil were purchased and my brother Rod and wife Dot waved farewell on our next passage to Napton-on-the-hill. As Brenda would continue to limp along to Napton to repair the stern gland – at last, we decided to row ahead. Not too long into our journey we spied ahead a family of swans with 5 cygnets – which rule to use? We moved towards them without bread, they moved on ahead of us and no matter how fast I rowed they just kept ahead of us. This was concerning because after a mile or so we expected they would come to the end of their territory and then turn round and attack! In the end they were just too fast so we moored up and I had a cig. Soon after Brenda appeared moored up and filled the engine with another couple of litres. Off we set in convoy and the swans appeared again. They must have had a rest cos they got behind Brenda and us and followed for a while then overtook Brenda, probably too smelly and dirty go on following.

Looks like more Beer to me…..

On we went stopping for lunch another oil check and refill. Set off again the swans, thank the Lord, had gone, we think into a marina for lunch probably algae on a nice Rye Bread. Brenda moored up for her stern tube repair we carried on to Napton Lock and a pint with Rod, Dot and Sister Monica, who all arrived at the finish by car. 164 miles 154 locks

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