Sump Pump and Two Loose Leathers

Well just as you think everything is going ok it all turns to rat shit. On arrival at Brenda we were greeted with the discovery that the engine check showed there was no oil in the sump. There was no obvious reason as to why all the oil had disappeared so we hoofed off to Tesco to purchase said product. Filled up to the mark on the dip stick off we went. 3 miles and 3 locks later oil checked again – no oil. Phone calls to GHQ and eventually we contacted the canal AA actually called RCL who have sponsored our trip. In the meantime the clock was ticking and still the best part of 6 miles to row to Braunston. We set off leaving Brenda to await a mechanic. On arrival at Braunstone, 5.30pm, we phoned our crew (Reg & Tom) who reported a leaking oil pump needing new parts they intended to limp to Braunston for repair tomorrow. Our leathers also decided to loosen as well happily we had an hour first thing for them to soak and tighten. We now have a leaking stern gland, to be repaired at Napton and a buggered oil pump to be repaired tomorrow. What else will tomorrow bring? Never the less it was a beautiful sunny day as the picture proves. 155 miles 154 locks

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