Tapas ‘n’ Logic

Well dear reader we are, in terms of days, at the half way point at day 17.

Early Morning across the water

I have just recalculated miles and locks and there seems to be a slight  discrepancy, but actuals are 146 miles and 151 locks. There are some big numbers still to achieve. In terms of equipment:-

Swan is doing well no issues.

The leathering on the oars is giving no problem now.

The boat cover has worked well, albeit, it has been patched with masking tape.

Jennifer and I are still friends and her navigation is impeccable.

Physically I am in good shape. Hands and bum without sores or callouses. The inflatable cushion, designed for motorbike pillion riders and lent by my mate Richard, is excellent.

Brendas’ stern gland has been leaking for the whole trip and hopefully will be repaired in the next couple of days, but shouldn’t hamper our progress. This MUST be fixed before we are on the Thames in 8 days’ time. None of this could be achieved without the Safe Anchor Trust volunteers who have all been magnificent. Good drop of malt to finish todays journey – thanks Tom. Photos are of  Newbold Tunnel on the North Oxford.

Kayaking in the Newbold Tunnel

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  1. john hudson says:


    Please phone again to meet up or leave your number. Cheers. John Hudson

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