Slang: A Topic

beautiful day , Brenda behaved impeccably and our destination north of Coventry
was reached by 3.00pm. Another 10 miles completed with only one lock bringing
us onto the Oxford canal. Oh what bliss our final canal (70 miles long) before
we reach The Thames. We met Peter & Pam, volunteers at Safe Anchor Trust
who had set off last May on their narrow boat Joamela, to see the Olympics.
They promised to meet us on their return journey to Wakefield, we were still
surprised to see them moored up as we rounded a bend. Reg & Tom had been
tonking on all day and I was beginning to get anxious that we were going too
far for the day as our hotel was back north. The cost of taxi fares !! Peter,
Pam and their friend Geoff entertained us to a grand evening meal on their
beautiful boats, whilst regaling us with scary tales of navigating the Thames.

Tea time in luxury

Tom and Reg had showered on Peters boat, no facilities on Lady Brenda. Reg put
on a clean shirt only for Tom to spill gravy all down it. Rule 3 was actioned
with Mr Swan keeping a beady eye on us as we passed by – scary. 134 miles 156
locks Pic 1 – Peter, Pam and Stephen Sending more pics

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