Go Plain Cats and Smoke

The weather was beautiful today right from the outset, nothing could go wrong today only 6 miles to go and 11 locks. Oops whats all that smoke coming off Brenda, much more than usual. “No power” shouts Reg, as he tries to enter a lock. So we haul Brenda into and then out of the lock then peer into the weed hatch, once the smoke and steam have cleared to find a parka jacket wrapped round the propeller. “Why is this hose disconnected?” asks Steve “and where should these loose wires go?”.

Reg & Steve get it all sussed and back together off we go, for about a mile. More steam and smoke greater than before enveloped the crew. Jennifer says “it smells like the cylinder head gasket has gone” . No emulsion in the oil though, …mmm ……could be terminal. A passing boater who had already peered into the engine housing on the first occasion, kindly offered us a tow claiming salvage rites if he uses his rope! We get to our destination a phone call to GHQ diagnoses an air lock because the hose had come off. No hose! Much rocking the boat seems to clear the airlock and Jen and I go to our hotel. No we didn’t offer to tow Brenda and yes we did row to our destination. The crew changes with Steve leaving and Tom (marine engineer retired) arriving. Let us hope his expertise is not required tomorrow. 124 miles 155 locks

PS Forgot to mention among visits from family & friends this week daughter Helen and son in law Damian came last Monday. Nice to see them both and thanks to them for the taxi service (much appreciated ..Ed)  and much needed warmer under pinnings for Jennifer!!

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