Goat in Scalp

Well it was blowing a hoolie this morning and the rain was horizontal. It was virtually, virtually too wet to roll my customary morning fag – thats how bad it was.

R Reg

However off we set and the rain gradually became heavier and heavier. Your heroes continued on queuing at the 3 locks in the rain for 1/2 an hour at a time.

British Summers ….

We arrived at our destination, Whittington, at 3.00pm with no lunch break. As we packed Swan up for the day guess what – the clouds broke the sun shone to make a beautiful late afternoon, but, of course, our rowing for the day had finished. Tomorrows forecast is rain again. Premier Inns are fast becoming our Nirvana. Special thanks to Kings Bromley for free moorings and use of their facilities last night plus 2 childrens fishing nets for easier collection of donations from passing boats. To the lady who threw the money onto the towpath – we did find it – thank you. 108miles 138 Locks

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One Response to Goat in Scalp

  1. Edward Jennings says:

    Hiya, Stephen & Jennifer, we are currently at Lake Powell in Arizona on our “Road Trip” I noticed from my email that you met up with my old buddy “Champagne Charley Womersley” on your marathon row, I hope he treat you well and didn’t bad mouth me too much?? Things seem to be going well from your blog. good luck to the finish and hope to meet up with you both on our return and when yopur “Bums” are better, Love Edward and Nancy (Hiawatha and Minniehaha) XX

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