Capital Snog

Tuesday 28th August  Well another day and an entirely different weather system.  Blue skies, wonderful sunshine and a zephyr breeze nudging us towards our goal – well actually into families of swans. Yesterday a cob chased us for some 500yds plus after passing his pen and family of cygnets. Today we encountered several little families and have devised a number of strategies. 1. Drop Bread off the back of Brenda then I hold back until Brenda is well away then row at full speed through the feeding family. 2. If tight on room because of moored boats or passing traffic we have had to accept a tow behind Brenda to get past the angry Dads. 3. If the only way through is slowly under our own power we have found that they are less aggressive if we use a paddle to pass them rather than the oars. We think that the boat oars with white blades are mistaken for a large bird. Total miles 99 locks 135

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