Sausages Silt and Swans … again

A full English anyone?

With a new Crew and energised with a hearty breakfast cooked on a canal side grill … eat your heart out George Foreman! ………. First action of the day was to negotiate the lock at The Star. Stone was a very busy navigation this morning and once again the bucket was deployed…..

Finally we got our slot and away we went Reg  at the Tiller,

Lock at The Star, Stone

Katie and Steven on Windlass duty, your scribe on bucket duty and Kathryn giving vocal support!!

As we began the first of the 10 miles the weather decided to upset the party with a persistant drizzle becoming more serious at times.   With less than three miles to the second lock of the day yours truly decided to walk to them with the bucket …. I have always had a thing about chugging… still once again it proved lucrative as the local populace made an attempt to prove the most generous so far. Thanks to all those who were kind enough to dig deep.

Stephen and Jennifer were rowing between locks two and three when once again the nemesis of the long distance oarsman appeared on the water …. Swans …. as the Swan manouevred around an oncoming narrowboat she ran bang into a family of Swans ……

Has it gone yet?

The Cob took exception and having ensured that the wife and kids were safe raised his feathers lowered his neck hissed and fixed the Skiff with a beady glare and proceeded at full speed to chase the rowers for almost 500 yards before preening in victory having scene the intruders off his territory….

The Third lock of the day proved to be less than straight forward as Lady Brenda found herself struggling to clear a narrow channel and once again grounded with many theories as to the best way to get her back floating from full throttle to the boat hook finally with the help of a number of other bargees and a stout rope the floundering Lady Brenda was hauled from the silty bottom.

Crew of the Day

Harmony restored on board the day went on uneventfully…..

The water community has proved itself to be both multicultural multifaceted and very generous.

Thanks again to all those who donated  and those without cash can donate at

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One Response to Sausages Silt and Swans … again

  1. Zoe says:

    Georgina says hi to you both and Grandma…….don’t scratch your midge bites!!!!!

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