Blood Sweat and Beers

A great day on the Trent Mersey as Lady Brenda sails majestically into Stone.

Brenda arrives at Stone

A warm day and a large contigent on the bank saw the Swan pull quietly into the mooring at Stone. The day had gone really well and then a momentary loss of concentration saw the  Tiller lash out at Skipper John leaving him with a bloody forehead and providing the gathered would be Florence Nightingales an opportunity to adminster first aid……

All tucked up for the night

After tucking Swan up for the night …. not a small task … they crew and the camp followers adjourned to “The Star”

A well earned snack

a magnificent hostelry right on the lock and partook of a small snack and a few sherbets …

A long day finished with tales of swans and anticipation of another good day ahead.

Thanks to the outgoing crew of Andrew Michelle Natalie Denise and John.

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