Pintails or Pintels?

Mmm body and bowels seem to be OK today, although the tendons in my arms hurt. The crew of Lady Brenda arrived on time to descend the 11 lock staircase. Our 2 cases, which we carry to and from our hotel, were left in a convenient place to load up without having to drag them any further than necessary. Two hours later and the flight completed the question rose where are your cases?  Oops …. still at the top lock…… hopefully!  thankfully a nice BW official noticed them and instead of having them blown up saw the address label and took the trouble to ring our home number and inform us of their location. (Imagine his thoughts as to the sanity of the owners…. Ed)

Jen believed she had discovered a new bird which only inhabited bridges and tunnels for

Where is its nest?

under every one a distinct tweet, tweet could be heard. Until one quiet section of open canal produced the same tweet tweet each time she moved the rudder. Oh disappointment tis only squeaking pintels.

Total distance to-date 66 miles, 114 locks. (In an effort to generate more press coverage Stephen is contemplating rowing the next 10 miles in the nude or releasing pictures from his hotel room as he crawls towards the Ice bath … obviously not after the Ice bath! he he he …. Ed)

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