The best laid plans …….

Is that light at the end of that Tunnel?

Well the foreboding alluded to manifested itself today. We arrived at the tunnel and our glorious leader had not booked us through – only 3 boats one way 3 days per week. He hoped that there would either be a no show or out of the goodness of their heart they’d let us through.

So Brenda cannot transit until Wednesday. We transhipped Swan by kind volunteer Ian with trailer. The other side of the tunnel is glorious. Weather beautiful, scenery fantastic. Our poor lock openers had to open 12 locks on foot, arriving in Uppermill by 3.30. Total to date 19 miles, 65 locks.

Stephen and Jennifer press on hoping that Brenda can catch them up over the next week this oversight has created a few problems and as the luggage had to be taken aboard the Swan Stephens straighteners and Jennifers razor have been left behind….. think that is what Stephen said…..

Fortunately as they leave Yorkshire and enter the land of the Red rose the weather was kind as you can see … There was me thinking the Sun shone on the righteous….

A good dose of looking …..

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