Wettest Summer on Record? …. and frustrations ….

Tell the Waterways people ……

A View from the the Swan

Sunday morning in Slaithwaite, the brass bands can be heard in the distance and the Parish church bells ring out to call the congregation prayer.
We however are off off off on the final two and  three quarter miles and twenty two locks to the tunnel entrance ! Ah we set off in such hope on these adventures only to be met with frustration.
Three hours in and eight locks completed we decide we’ll stop for lunch and our pathfinder comes racing down the tow path on his bike like Deeds in Lonesome Dove ( go on you’ve all read the book and seen the film) with news that a boat is stuck in the next lock  ( it’s only round the next bend) and there’s no water in the pounds for a further two locks. British waterways have been called and it will be a least  an hour before we can move on.
Three and a half hours later negotiations have taken place with the boat infront who gives way in the queue to us ‘cos they’re not going through the tunnel ’till Wednesday and British waterways stay until we have passed the worst section. We eventually arrive in Marsden at 7.30pm. A  toddler on a three wheeled bike could have made faster time.
Events of the day
It rained very hard
Jennifer’s daughter’s in laws visited us
My son Richard wife Gema and Sam 8mths old grandson paid a call
To date 3days 12 miles 54 locks – already I’m losing count !


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One Response to Wettest Summer on Record? …. and frustrations ….

  1. Alison Bowness-Jones says:

    Hi Auntie Jen & Steven,
    Wish I could come down and pay you both a visit on your trek but it’s a bit far from Oz. Thinking about you both and checking in with the blog. Good luck and hope the weather is kind to you both.
    Love Ali, Lyndon & Hannah xx

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