Determined ….. but Moist

Day 3 sees yet more locks more rain and hard work.  As Stephen and Jennifer close in on Standedge Tunnel.

The Standedge Tunnel is the longest, deepest and highest canal tunnel in Britain. It is 16,499 feet (5,029 m) long, 636 feet (194 m) underground at the deepest point, and 643 feet (196 m) above sea level.

Built in the late 1700’s early 1800’s to connect Huddersfield and Ashton Under Lyne


More Locks!!!!

Keep up the Good Work Stephen!

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2 Responses to Determined ….. but Moist

  1. JohnnyfromDonny says:

    That is a big ask. I’ve done the one at the top of the Leeds Liverpool and that’s only around a third of the length! RESPECT!

    Let me know if and when you pass through Stalybridge and I’ll pop down and furnish your bucket with a fiver!
    John Hempstock

    Tel: +44 (0)7876 785730

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  2. Doug from Heywood says:

    I observed the well oiled team in action whilst having my lunch …. and trying not to share it with the support dog 🙂 … by the canal in Bradley fold near Stalybridge…. to a casual observer it appeared a typically eccentric British day out on the river ….. and so unfortunately I watched with my usual candor unaware of the endeavour at hand but on returning to my office and checking it out online then …. FULL MARKS AND SAFE SPEED guys I wish you all the best… PS don’t drop the dog out of the bag !

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