Daily update from aboard the Swan

Blimey I’m sat at my computer and despite all my hours of rowing, the room or me is gently rolling as if I’m still on Swan.
Well great turnout this morning, thank you for turning out on such a grey day. We rowed through wind rain and tempest. At one point as we were going under a road bridge the wind was so strong it was driving us back from whence we came. Because the canal was narrow at this point I had to kneel Hawian five O style with paddle and dig that boat out from under that bridge ! Nearly knackered me for the rest of the afternoon!
Got a call from RADIO LEEDS did my 7 minutes at 16.50 this evening with John. Thank you for picking up my email and hope to talk as we journey.
Some young chaps – a bit scary for old folk- arrived on the towpath and were laughing at us asking what we were doing.On explaining they were impressed and offered to give us some weed so’s we could row through the night. They reckoned that it would keep us awake but touchingly gave us a donation at the next lock- That’s the kind of folk you meet in Yorkshire tha kno’s.
I think 11 locks down and approx 7 miles completed !!!

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