Chairmans Blog Day 2

Day 1
17 Aug ,about 10.30 Yorks time,  Stephen & Jennifer cast off  to the cheers of a vast crowd of wellwishers,accompanied by the Lady Brenda crewed by the cream of SAT volunteers.They arrived safely at Aspley Bridge at 4pm.
On Day 2
…. they set sail at 10 am cheered on by another crowd of well wishers  – perhaps the last for some time as,over the next 2 days, they brave the hazards of the first stage of the Huddersfield Narrow  –   shallows,sandbanks,supermarket trolleys & other snares dumped by locals to entrap unwary travellers from foreign parts  ie those not from Colne Valley
Hardened by these experiences they should be in fine fettle for the even greater challenges to follow as they head westwards towards the setting sun.Early next week they cross the great Pennine barrier into the lost lands of Saddleworth, where there be dragons & Lancastrians.    (  Not that the Red Rose People ever wanted to be dumped with Yorkshire cast offs – the said Saddleworth being a place of sheep,llamas,Delph Donkeys ,posh people & assorted brass band contests
These will be perilous days as our intrepid voyagers brave this land of cotton   ( not to be compared to the good,natural,wholesome ,local Yorkshire woolens ) where the inhabitants are so culturally challenged as to take their mushy peas without mint sauce & the spam fritter is unknown
Fortunately,with great difficulty & some risk to my person, I have been able negotiate safe passage on condition the Safeanchornauts don’t mess with the locals or disrespect the Red Rose –   good job Eric isn’t doing this stretch !!!
They will then pass on to the balmy plains of Cheshire  – a place of cows, cheese,salt mines, people even more posh than those in Saddleworth, & rich footballers from the Manchester clubs  ( in contrast to Yorkshire who don’t have any )
Will our heros make it through unscathed?   Don’t miss the next exciting episode
As Technology moves along we are proud to append these pictures from our on board Camera

Is that a Tesco carrier bag?

Hope the shorts never come out!!

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