Happy Feet or Olympic Joy?

News from the Oarsman
Good evening everybody we went to the Olympics last Tuesday. Saw the 3m springboard semi final -the only tickets we were allocated adespite Jennifer trying to book everything. Glad we didn’t get everything I couldn’t have afforded the bill!
Hasn’t it been great?
It was one of those I WAS THERE experiences and thoroughly enjoyed it.
I think I was the only person not wearing trainers. I thought everyone wore leather shoes on a day out!
Was I the only person to have a contra temp with a volunteer ?
We were like penguins moving towards our nesting site in Antartica. Beaks down, keeping to the left, following the penguin infront. Then Jennifer looks up and sees the big screen and the men’s triathalon is on. We work our way to the right across the oncoming penguins ( where are they going?) and see another queue of penguins snaking up and back waiting to be let into viewing area.
“Oh Jen” I said “lets just stand here at the barrier and watch a while.”
” Move away from the barrier sir, keep moving, keep the area clear in case of an emergency” he said.
I appealed to him that were doing no harm, to no avail. Be a good penguin will you and move on so we had to shuffle off across the oncoming penguins and get back in our lane and after some time I raised my beak and saw another entrance into the viewing area clear of waiting penguins and in we went.
Why couldn’t he have just informed us that there was more than one entrance?
Hey a good day all the same.
Caught a virus (too long on the computer? Ed) during the journey and came down with a cracking headache turning to cold shivers and sweats by Saturday. Thought great, I’ve stopped all activities to ensure no injuries before the off and here I am struck down by the ague. As I write recovering and will be fit for the event. I know you will be like me and Jennifer who just don’t know what to do with ourselves now the games have finished but you will all be able to log on everyday and see exciting but slow progressfrom Mirfield to Putney Bridge London.
Please try to see me off from Apsley Marina on Saturday Morning 10.00am.
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