Its Coming Together …. a few thanks

Well what with the olympics and all, doing my training this last week has felt like I’m getting ready for an Olympic event.
I just want to thank my wife and family my personal trainer and all the team behind me. I want to thank my dietition on getting me to the peak of fitness on a diet of bacon, eggs, pies and beer!

Who ate all the Pies?

I did my PB ( personal best) on Friday with a time of 0.55 ( 55 minutes) for 4 miles, so 10 miles per day for a pensioner seems to be achievable don’t you think.
I’m now feeling much more upbeat about this project as it now seems that anything us Brits do, turns out to be a medal winning success- at the point of writing especially if we are sat down …. rowing ….. cycling  … riding ….. sailing.
The fine detail always takes time to gel and what I’m now certain of are the following :-
We have at last guarded agreement that we can take Swan through Standedge tunnel otherwise we would have had to put Swan back on her trailer and take her round the 3.5 mile tunnel and then re launch at the other end.
We have also at last found a rowing club on the Thames that is prepared to welcome us northerners. Namely HSBC Rowing Club at Putney. Mark Jackson of HSBC Rugby Club has been very kind in using his influence in this matter.
We have just received our Rowing for Children sweat shirts which have been sponsored by Borg Warner. Available at a very reasonable price all proceeds to the charity.
All my hotels have been booked at Premier Inn with absolutely no special deals !  Thanks…..
We are starting on Friday 17th August from Shepley Marina Mirfield at 10am. We have had to start one day early to ensure we get to the above mentioned tunnel on the Monday. It is only open a couple of days a week.
I have asked The Huddersfield Examiner to cover the event and they have agreed that they will.
We are having the official send off on the following day SATURDAY 18th ASPLEY MARINA HUDDERSFIELD at 10am when folks that work can come and give wifey and me a send off.
So all is looking good.
Major followers of the blog might be interested to know that the leathering of the oars has not been a total success as for whatever reason the timber dries out very rapidly shrinking the timber slightly and as a consequence the leather loses its grip on the shaft. However if the weather continues to be as wet then I think the shafts will not shrink.
Wifey is signing up for one these GS type mobile phones so we will be able to send photos video and exact location via GPS.
Going to see the high diving semi final Tuesday at the Olympics this week so  a rest from training.
We will keep posting so you can hopefully enjoy the agony and the ecstasy thanks to all those people who have donated already and to those who haven’t you still have chance at
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One Response to Its Coming Together …. a few thanks

  1. Charlie womersley says:

    Hi Charlie Womersley from Wooden Spoon Manchester.We would love to buy you a beer in Macclesfield on Thursday 23rd Aug,Please can you ring me on 07771510052 when you have a moment,friend of Jennings!!! Good luck!
    Best Wishes from ,
    Charlie Womersley
    (born Shipley,March 1954)

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