The Good ….. The Bad …….. and the Ugly!

Our Intrepid … would be Matthew Pinsent writes (after spell and grammar check)
Hi Y’all
The Good
Richard who’s  photos you will have seen helping me with the leathering has dropped his other hobbies  to help me with my training and the fitting of accessories to Swan.
Already there have been heroes on this project – Big Dave or DJB as we call him has been acting as my “boatman” helping to prepare Swan for launching which is a big task. She looks so elegant in the water but really heavy out of the water and a pig to launch so his terrific strength has been invaluable.
More thanks to my sponsors-
Some of you may have looked at the just giving site and noted that so far we have raised £721.00 which is really good. What it doesn’t show is that we have raised other monies off line.
Thanks to
Trevor and Andy for their donation                 £1000.00,
Betty                                                              £644.00
Steve and Christopher                                      £100.00
Rob and Sally                                                     £50.00
A big thank you to the Children at West Moor School Dewsbury for their inhouse rowing marathon where they raised £182.00. We have received other donations from supporters of Safe Anchor Trust of approximately £1000.00
So far the total is more like £3700.00 – Well done but keep it coming – as I said very early on after my interview with Radio Leeds, we need to beat their total of £51K.
The Bad
Unfortunately DJB (Big Dave) has been in hospital for the last month having suffered a heart attack and a minor stroke during surgery. He is recovering thankfully but is unlikely to be able to accompany us on the actual event.
Thank you heroes and I’m sure you wish DJB well even though you may not have met him.
With thanks yer Cap’n
The Ugly
Ian or as you know him “dancing dungbeetle’ is my media man and  the amusing anecdotes on the blog are all down to him. My computer skills only go as far as writing messages on emails for Ian to convert into the blog and buying loads of tackle for Swan online. It doesn’t seem to matter how small your boat is, it is, as the saying goes like tearing up £20 notes in a shower.
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