A Good Leathering!!

Sorry I have not been updating my progress of late but progress has been very slow with issues around the boat and with the weather not that I am a fair weather Rower it just is difficult to get the boat in the water through a quagmire!! Anyway I have eventually managed to collect the right tackle and the right assistant to help me in Leathering the Oars.
The leather is from Collars’ of Dorchester on Thames and the needles, leather palm and stout thread from Boat Bits of Huddersfield and the instructions on how to do it were found on the internet. The following images document the day starting with Richard in his hobbies room sanding down the oars prior to starting in earnest.

This is Richard in his hobbies room sanding down the oars prior to varnishing

Application of the Air Drying Varnish

After Marking out the holes at 6.25mm (1/4″) they are drilled with a fine drill this was not on the instructions but we found fundamental to the later stages .. eventually

Leather is Rolled up and two narrow pieces are attached forming the collar

A newly formed collar … a thing of beauty

The Collar is sewn over the sleeve allowing room to slip onto the Oar

Like Robert the Bruce Its not always the first attempt that works so we kept trying finally got it right!!

A Spike is used to rive at the lacing to pull it tight – this is the longest job…

One Sleeve done

Both Oars now completed

So 6 hours’ numerous fags, coffees and expletives later the job is done …. Thank God we are not going to London in a Quinquireme!!! Thanks to Richard for his assistance with this task and for the many cups of Coffee without which I would not have survived the day. On a different but equally important note I am happy to tell you that we have secured sponsorship for the commemorative Polo Shirts from Borg Warner .. Thanks again from all involved

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