Splish Splash

The first full days rowing with Jennifer at the tiller went really well … swimmingly one might say … as the day drew to a close 10 miles of water behind them the simple task of mooring and disembarking became a a scene from a low grade slapstick movie as Jennifer with one foot on the bank and one foot in the boat felt the Swan slipping away and the slow inevitable but dignified descent to the depths of the Canal… the years at the Municipal Pool Dewsbury in jim jams and slippers could not have prepared her for swimming in Armani and Jimmi Choos….. fortunately there was no rubber brick to retrieve …… Finally dragging Jennifer from the water and dispatching her to get dry and warm Stephen requested the assistance of a poor unsuspecting volunteer from Safe Anchor and as The Swan was being man handled the unthinkable happened …. the boards slippy from the excess rainfall and a slight covering of Moss proved to be the doughty helpers down fall as The Swan shifted Stephen looked up to see his gallant aid slip unceremoniuosly into the water …..two for two on the first run through ….. Stephen is happy with his progress and Jennifer remains determined but moist …. 

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