Its getting out there

The Swan in dry Dock

Wheres The water?

News of this is spreading fast we have had 350 views of the blog since it started and recent tweets have resulted in the adventure being brought to the attention of a further 1500+ people .. please spread the word … we will be setting up a “just giving” site in the very near future …. please give generously. If you are on facebook we would appreciate you sharing the link with your friends and asking them to share etc.

The more followers we get the better the chances of a substantial sponsorship … Stephens doing the hard work lets support him by putting the blog and this magnificent effort out there to maximise the exposure……

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One Response to Its getting out there

  1. Katie says:

    Hi Stephen!

    Katie here from the Huddersfield Examiner, I would love to raise awareness by writing an article about your mammoth challenge if possible!

    Please feel free to give me a bell.



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