At last the route is finalised

17/08 Day 1 Mirfield to Huddersfield Marina (5hrs)

18/08 Day 2 Huddersfield Marina  to Slaithwaite (6hrs)

19/08 Day 3 Slaithwaite to Standedge Tunnel Visitor centre (6hrs)

20/08 Day 4 Standedge Tunnel to Brook Bottom (6hrs)

21/08 Day 5 Brook Bottom to Ashton Under Lyne Junction (7hrs)

22/08 Day 6 Ashton under Lyne Junction to Marple Junction.

23/08 Day 7 Marple Junction to Bosley Top Lock ( Wilmslow/ Macclesfield)

24/08 Day 8 Bosley Top Lock to Kidsgrove (Congleton / Kidsgrove).

25/08 Day 9 Kidsgrove to Etruria Summit Lock

26/08 Day 10 Etruria Summit Lock to Stone.

27/08 Day 11 Stone to Great Haywood (Hoo mills lock 5hrs)

28/08 Day 12 Great Haywood Hoo Mills lock to Hands Acre Tuppenhurst lock (5hrs)Rugely

29/08 Day 13  Hands Acre to Whittington (5hrs)

30/08 Day 14 Whittington to Polesworth (5hrs)

31/08 Day 15 Polesworth to  Hartshill wharf ( Between Atherston and Nuneaton)

01/09 Day 16 Hartshill Wharf(Between Atherston and Nuneaton) to Whitings Bridge (Bedworth – Coventry Cruising Club)(5hrs)

02/09 Day 17 Whitings Bridge to Rugby (5hrs)

03/09 Day 18 Rugby to Braunston (4hrs)

04/09 Day 19 Braunston to Napton lock nos 9 Napton on the Hill (5hrs)

05/09 Day 20 Napton Lock to Fenny Compton Wharf at Fenny Compton

06/09 Day 21 Fenny Compton Wharf to Banbury

07/09 Day 22 Banbury to Somerton Bridge nos 196 at Somerton

08/09 Day 23 Somerton Bridge to Thrupp Wide at Kidlington

09/09 Day 24 Thrupp Wide to Oxford

10/09 Day 25 Oxford to Abingdon

11/09 Day 26 Abingdon to Wallingford

12/09 Day 27 Wallingford to Pangbourne

13/09 Day 28 Pangbourne to Henley

14/09 Day 29 Henley to Marlow

15/09 Day 30 Marlow to Magna Carter Island

16/09 Day 31 Hampton Court

17/09 Day 32 Teddington Lock


18/09 Day 33 Richmond to HSBC Rowing Club Putney Bridge

It looks a long way when its written down seems like a lot more effort in the Gym will be required ….. If you see Stephen please mention the blog and your support if you haven’t already click on the tab at the top to follow the progress it is only slow to begin with but will become a daily record of his trials and tribulations

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4 Responses to At last the route is finalised

  1. Michael Goacher says:

    I was walking between Uppermill and Stalybridge and met the crew. I have pictures of them passing through a lock and would like to send them. Could you advise where to send them
    Thank You
    Michael Goacher

  2. alix says:

    Would be great if this showed dates, not just days, so people could know when they could see the Swan and Brenda

  3. dancingdungbeetle says:

    Will update dates tonight 29/08 Thanks

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